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Parent Groups Build Relationships and Promote lol赛事竞猜’s Excellence

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A successful school community depends on quality instruction, 引人入胜的课程, a supportive learning environment and active parent involvement. For 40 years, 拉文斯克罗夫特的家长领导小组通过有效的社区建设帮助学校实现了目标,并庆祝了胜利, philanthropy and volunteer engagement.

These contributions are especially valuable today. Throughout the challenging months of 2020, these groups — the 家长协会, 美术协会, 乌鸦运动俱乐部, Parents Supporting Diversity and Inclusion, and 全球家长大使 — have been working hard to help students, parents and faculty feel connected and meet their goals.

“Every parent, simply by having a child enrolled at lol赛事竞猜, is already a member of each of these groups. 他们在建立和扩大社区方面如此成功,正是因为所有的父母都能参与进来,塔米·海伍德说, who serves in the staff role of Parent Group Manager. “这些团体努力建立跨年级的关系,并为有相似兴趣的父母提供了一个很好的满足方式. 你可以参与,因为你的孩子参与了他们支持的领域,或者因为这是你的兴趣.”

在下面的故事中, we explore each of these critical organizations’ mission, 通过多年来与学校分享他们的时间和才华的许多忠诚的父母的眼睛,了解历史和成就.



家长协会: Enhancing the School’s Distinction

The 家长协会 has pursued its mission since the early 1980s, when parents banded together to bring increased volunteerism, philanthropy and community spirit to the school. Today, the PA delivers by creating opportunities for parents, students, 教职员及职员 to have fun and engage with one another, forging meaningful connections through shared interests and values.

联合总裁凯西·普莱特泽和珍·威克兰表示,鉴于COVID-19大流行,他们不得不发挥创造力. As visitors and volunteers are not currently permitted on campus, the group hosts monthly virtual meetings, pretzzer和Wickline用轻松的恶搞视频让观众兴奋起来. “That format has been working really well,” Wickline said. “lol竞猜官网想要轻松, 所以lol竞猜官网带来了乐趣和信息,帮助人们感觉与学校有联系. lol竞猜官网展示了在拉文斯克罗夫特发生的不同的事情,并对校园里的每个人表示感谢.”

2020-21 PA联合总裁珍·威克兰和凯西·普利策分享了一场恶搞《lol竞猜官网》的节目,以拉开10月虚拟会议的序幕.

他们今年计划举办的活动包括12月初的Scholastic签名书展, 教职员及职员 appreciation lunches, and an online auction in late January. 他们还创建了一个 Instagram account as another way to connect with lol赛事竞猜 families. “对lol竞猜官网来说,这是一个有趣的地方,可以宣传即将到来的活动和校园里正在发生的其他事情,普利策说.

校友父母和现任祖父母芭芭拉·赫尔顿帮助建立了该组织, originally known as the Parents’ Council, in the early 1980s and served as president in 1984. “我从一开始就参与了家长委员会,”她说. “The school wanted more parent involvement, 所以lol竞猜官网决定举办一场晚会,让每个人都能在支持学校的同时享受自己的快乐. 促进家长与学校的互动仍然是该组织努力的一个标志. In the 1990s, former Council president Susan Burnette said, events included a fall festival and a student/parent trip to Busch Gardens.

In 1997, the group renamed itself the 家长协会. Janet Qubain, 2006年谁担任总统, recalls how dedicated parents organized 教职员及职员 luncheons, 举办了一个小贩市场,并制作了获奖的烹饪书,其中包括来自lol赛事竞猜的食谱. PA还通过准备饭菜和拼车来帮助那些经历重大生活事件的家庭. “这对参与者来说是非常由衷的,这是家长协会做出的一件积极的事情,” she said.

在这些年来PA的许多项目中,有2008年获奖的烹饪书, “Excellent Courses: A Culinary Legacy of lol赛事竞猜.”

Since then, the PA’s steering committee has grown with the school, currently boasting 94 members and an executive committee of eight. 继续小组在建立社区和组织家长志愿者方面的重要工作, in recent years the PA has hosted family events including 秋天聚集, RWorld“不给糖就干”和电影之夜. 成员们还志愿担任教室家长和年级代表,为教师提供支持. 巴勒斯坦权力机构继续筹集资金支持该机构,最近提供 7.5万美元的资金 in support of the school’s hybrid-learning model. PA还与学校合作,为教职员工提供午餐, 他们中的许多人在吃饭时根据新冠病毒缓解协议监督学生.

这种志愿服务文化自成立之初就一直是拉文斯克罗夫特社区的核心. 正如普利策所指出的, “当所有人都买进的时候, 它提高了质量水平,并在此过程中建立了惊人的关系.”

The PA is known for putting on family-friendly events, including Fall Round-up (shown in 2014) and RWorld (2019).

Above, PA的2020年晚会和现场拍卖的与会者享受lol赛事竞猜优雅而有趣的庆祝活动.

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Want to get involved with a parent group? 去问问学校的校长 calendar 查看Zoom会议日期和链接, 阅读lol赛事竞猜周刊专门的“家长参与”部分以获取信息和更新.




Gifts of Time and Talent: 40 years of parent groups at lol赛事竞猜

1981: Parents’ Council is formed to harness the power of parent volunteers

1984: 家长委员会开始筹集资金,很快就计划了第一次lol赛事竞猜晚会

1993: Fine Arts Center opens; Fine Arts Guild is created to facilitate parent involvement in fine arts

1996: FAA helps teachers create the Visiting Artist Portfolio Series 

1997: Parents’ Council is renamed 家长协会

1997: Fine Arts Guild hosts its first Madrigal Dinner

2003: 乌鸦体育俱乐部的成立是为了支持体育运动和培养学校精神

2010: Fine Arts Guild is renamed 美术协会

2012: 家长支持多元化和包容委员会的创建是为了在DE周围率先开展合作&I

2016: 全球家长大使是为欢迎和支持国际家庭而设立的

2016: GPA begins assisting 教职员及职员 with the 文化节

2020: 面对新冠肺炎疫情和校园限制的挑战,家长群体充满创造力和决心, 转向在线会议,在校外组织志愿者活动来支持学生, 教职员及职员, and families